Integrating your Shopee store

Modified on Thu, 01 Sep 2022 at 02:19 AM

   Managing your orders on Shopee can be rowdy, most especially when you have a high volume of orders. It can get even tougher during peak seasons. With that in mind, EZIE introduced a way to reduce your shipping efforts by doing it all in one place (and with the help of automation) so you have more time to oversee the entire store operations and grow your business. 

    Via integrations, you no longer have to copy-paste customer information, check the delivery progress every now and then, or click buttons to update the order's status. Our integration is designed to sync the information which means:

1. When an order is placed in your store, the details -- customer details, SKUs/item description, order quantities, and item value -- will flow to EZIE where you'll confirm the details and schedule the pick-up. You can then print the label and choose to add a picklist (free).

2. Once there is movement in the tracking, the order status in Shopee will update to "in transit" (shipping).

3. Upon delivery, the order status in Shopee will also update to "delivered" (completed).

Applying for Shopee OLP/SOF

    Start by applying for Shopee's Other-Logistics-Provider (OLP)/Seller-Own-Fleet (SOF) status. Fill out the application form accurately. Here's a guide:

Step 1: Provide your Shopee email address.

Step 2: Enter your Shopee account's username.

Step 3: Choose 'Other Logistic Provider - OLP' (or SOF if you need it).

Step 4: Choose the option that best suits your order type.

Step 5: Write 'EZIE App' as your Other Logistic Provider.

Step 6: Copy-paste a link to a sample Shopee listing.

Step 7: Go to EZIE's homepage and scroll to the bottom where you can access the terms & conditions. Take a screenshot and upload it on this part.

Step 8: Download EZIE's sample manifest and upload it on this part.

Step 9: Download EZIE's sample proof of delivery and upload it on this part.

Step 10: Submit your application. You shall receive an update within 3-5 business days. keep an eye out for emails from the Shopee team. Once approved, OLP will appear as one of your shipping options. Toggle it on, while the rest should be toggled off.

Step 11: You may skip this step for now and return to it later after integrating your store into EZIE. Set your shipping fee. Take note that buyer shipping payments are sent directly to you -- it does not sync to EZIE.

Start integrating into EZIE

    Once your Shopee OLP status is approved, you can easily proceed with the integration. If you don't have an account yet with EZIE, sign up, then go to your account settings. Under Shopee, click 'connect'. Tick the box to confirm your application for Shopee OLP has been approved, then continue to Shopee login. After authorizing Shopee's openplatform app, your store is then integrated.

    After successful integration, your orders will sync to your dashboard and you can start scheduling single and bulk orders.


• A common misconception among ecommerce sellers with integrated stores to EZIE is that when the recipient pays for the shipping fee, EZIE receives the payment, and that payment is used when scheduling orders. This is false. EZIE will never have access to your funds in Shopee as the integration works as a backend tool. This means that you always need to have either sufficient wallet balance or a linked card to successfully schedule your orders.
• The integration is expected to sync orders in real-time. If you don't see the order right away, expect a refresh job between EZIE and Shopee happening every 30 minutes - 2 hours.
• Only orders in ready-to-ship status in Shopee will sync to EZIE.
• You can integrate more than 1 store in EZIE.

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