Integrating Lazada

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    Our automation will help simplify the management of your orders. Connecting your store means reducing the manual shipping workload, including auto-updating the delivery status. On top of that, you have the flexibility of choosing the most-suited courier service from our logistics portfolio.


  1. Apply for DBS.
  2. Once approved, configure DBS on the SKU level in Lazada.
  3. Connect Lazada from your EZIE Account Settings.
  4. Manage orders on EZIE.



» Apply for DBS.

    Remove (change to zero) the available quantity of the SKU that fulfills the criteria for DBS. Then, complete the application form.

    After submitting your DBS request, you should get a response from Lazada's team in 1-3 business days. Otherwise, please follow up with them. Once approved, configure the DBS setting on an SKU level. 

(c) photo taken from Lazada's DBS article

    Then, connect your store from your EZIE account settings. This will require that you log in to Lazada and approve permissions for EZIE.

» What can I expect after successful integration?

    Your orders should start syncing from Lazada to EZIE as drafts. These drafts will be in the New Section under Parcels. Then, you can choose to either bulk create these orders or individually schedule them.  

    You can book the orders separately by clicking the Schedule button on the far right. To create a bulk order, tick the box on the left of the orders you want to schedule, then, click Schedule selected orders below the orders.

Below are other buttons to help you with managing drafts:

(1) Schedule - book the order

(2) Schedule selected orders - bulk booking of orders

(3) Tick box - for selecting orders
(4) Delete/Cancel - permanently remove the draft; the system will sync the same order from Lazada

(5) Duplicate - copy the order details; a child order, not linked to the marketplace, will be created

(6) Advanced Search -  lookup orders using marketplace ID or EZIE ID

(7) Export order - download the order details in a .csv file

» What happens after scheduling the shipment?

    After confirming the shipment on EZIE, the system will auto-update the Lazada order status to "ready to ship". It will also auto-upload a tracking ID. Once delivered, the integration will auto-update the order to 'delivered', pending the recipient's confirmation.


    Below is an illustration to help conceptualize how the integration works. It shows what the automation will do (in yellow, broken-line boxes), what action you will take (blue box), and what it will look like on Lazada.

NOTE:  EZIE works as a backend tool. Your customers will not see EZIE at any point in their purchase unless the link to our tracking page is shared with them. This also means that you, the seller, will receive the shipping fees paid for by the buyer.

For questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, please email to

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