Order creation and management

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Order Creation

Must I create an account in order to book a service?

Yes! Please create your account HERE. Sign-up takes less than 3 minutes. No subscription fee or minimum order is required.

How do I sign up for EZIE?

Go to the home page and click 'sign up' on the top right corner, then provide the information required.

How do I book a service? 

You will be taken to your dashboard after registration. From there, click 'Add Order' on the top left and accomplish the order form. For more information, refer to our article on how to book delivery service.

May I ask the support team to book on my behalf?

No, because the order has to be created using your account while logged in.

Can I do a bulk order?

Yes. After clicking 'Add Order', toggle to 'bulk order' (top right). Download the CSV file or simply add the information per row. Then, choose a delivery service and confirm the order. Alternatively, please refer to our video guide on how to do a bulk order.

I want to change my default pick-up address. How do I do that?

Go to Settings > Profile Settings > Edit > Save.

I want to change my pick-up address for this order only. How do I do that?

(a) On the order form, click 'other pick-up address' to set new pick-up information.

Can I create the order even if I am the recipient? I need a delivery to my address.

Yes. Simply indicate the correct pick-up and delivery information.

 I don't want to put my unit number. Is that okay?

While we understand you may have security concerns, please note that an incomplete address can result in failed pick-up attempts.

I don't have the recipient's phone number. Can I leave it blank?

No. The drivers sometimes contact recipients. If you insist you don't have it, you can key in your own number. Then, you can relay messages to and from the recipient.

I only have the recipient's telephone number. Will that work?

The drivers cannot dial a telephone number. Hence, it's best to key in a handphone number. If you insist you don't have it, you can key in your own number. Then, you can relay messages to and from the recipient. 

Are there dimensional and weight limits?

(a) For next-day(s) delivery, L+W+H=300 cm max and each side has to be 150 cm max. Max weight=30 kg

(b) Parcels beyond these limits will be shipped via same-day service. Parcels beyond 30 kg will be shipped via GoGoX only.

For same-day services, key in the details accurately as resources allocation from the courier will depend on the information provided

How do I determine the weight of the parcel?

You can determine the parcel's weight by its actual weight (kg) or volumetric weight (length, width, height in cm) of the parcel.

How do I determine the package value?

It is the parcel's worth and one of the bases of claims. Key in the correct amount accurately.

What if I inaccurately declare(d) my parcel?

You may incur charges and experience delays.

Which services will require me to print a label?

In general, express, economy, standard, and international deliveries require shipping labels to be securely attached to the parcel. Check the column under 'printer required?' to see which services require labels.

Can I select a pick-up time?

For next-day(s) services, you can choose the date of pick-up. The collection time of the day is maintained to give the courier enough time for the collection.

For same-day services, you can choose narrower pick-up schedules depending on the service you choose.

Can I schedule a specific delivery time?

No, but for same-day delivery, you can narrow down the delivery window.

How do I know the estimated delivery time?

The booking page has details of the stipulated delivery time frame. After choosing a collection slot, the estimated arrival date is also shown on the far right. In general, standard delivery is 1-3 days; economy and paperless is 3-5 days; express is 1-2 days after collection.

I have not confirmed the order yet and noticed I made an error on the pick-up and delivery information. What can I do?

Go to 'New', pull up the order you need to update, then click 'Schedule'. You will be taken back to the order form to edit the details.

How do I know my order is confirmed?

(1) There is a pop-up confirming the order. (2) The order will move from 'new' to 'pick-up'. (3) A tracking ID is assigned. 

How can I pay for the order?

Link your card or top up your wallet.

Is top-up required? Is there a minimum required top-up?

No (to both), but you get rebates if you were to top-up certain amounts. Please refer to our blog about topping up for more information.

Will I be able to remove my card details thereafter? 

Yes. Go to billing settings and click the icon at the far right of the payment details to delete. Please note for your next order, if your e-wallet funds are insufficient, you need to link again your card.

Order Packaging

Must I pack the item myself?

(a) Yes, if the shipment you booked is next-day(s) service. Your parcel will undergo multiple stages before delivery which means it's prone to impact and many others. While the couriers take utmost care of your parcels, there are inevitable times. Please refer to our packaging guidelines for more information.

(b) For same-day service, It depends on your item. There is no packaging guideline to be followed. You just have to be mindful of how the item 

What if I don't have proper packaging material?

Please book via same-day service. This type of service does not have guidelines on the packaging. You just have to be mindful of what your package will be like while on the trip.

I don't have a printer but I unknowingly booked a service that requires me to print a label. What do I do?

Please cancel the order to get your refund and book the paperless service. Check the column for 'printer required?' to know which services require a shipping label. 

What should be the size of the label?

A6/A5/A4 will do. Do not tamper with the QR code or barcode. 

Is a thermal printer and adhesive paper required for the label?

No, you can use the regular printer and paper. Secure the label to the parcel with tape. To prevent it from getting wet, we also encourage putting the label under a clear and water-resistant protective covering.

Order Management

I confirmed the order and noticed I made an error on the pick-up/delivery information. What can I do?

(a) The order cannot be edited once confirmed. If the parcel is pending pick-up, you can simply cancel the order and rebook. If the parcel had been picked up, our Support Team will assist you in relaying the correct delivery information to the courier.

(b) If you booked a same-day service, immediately cancel the order and rebook.

What time will the driver come to pick up my parcel(s)?

We cannot guarantee a time of arrival as it depends on the driver's route and schedule.

What if I have to leave the pick-up point but the driver is yet to pick up my parcel(s)?

If you can leave it in a safe place, let us know and we'll relay it to the driver. If not, we'll have to reschedule your collection. Either way, please reach out to our CS Team via email or live chat (quicker).

How can I check the schedule of the collection?

Pull up your order and check at its far right. You will see the collection window and date.

My pick-up is delayed. How can I reschedule?

The pick-up is automatically scheduled to the next operational day, same collection window. If you'd like to reschedule to another day or if you have additional pick-up instructions, please reach out to our CS Team via email or live chat (quicker). Double-check your pick-up address and phone number.

How do I know the driver is on the way? Is the driver going to call when he's on the way?

If it is the scheduled day of collection, then the driver will be on his way within the collection window. You can also check the tracking information for updates. We cannot guarantee the driver will call but it's still best to keep your lines open.

How can I check the status of the shipment?

Refer to the tracking information from updates. From your dashboard, pull up the order from 'pick-up' or 'in-transit', then click the button to track. The tracking page will slide from the right.

Will I (and my recipient) be updated on the delivery? How will I know where my parcel is?

The tracking information will be your reference for delivery status updates. For information on how the driver/courier updates you, you can refer to our blog about 3PL notifications.

I noticed the delivery is delayed. Do I have to do anything?

It depends. Most of the time, it's an issue on the courier's side. You may check with the CS Team via email or live chat (quicker) too.

I want to redirect/intercept the delivery. What should I do?

You have to check with the CS Team via email or live chat (quicker). Take note returns can take 7 days max (local) and redirecting the parcel can cause delay.

Can I cancel the order? Is it free? 

Yes, we allow free cancellation for parcels pending pick-up. Pull up the order from 'pick-up' and click 'cancel' on the far right. The refund is processed simultaneously with the cancellation. The payment will be refunded to your e-wallet instantly. For refunds to banks (credit/debit card), please expect the refund in days depending on the bank's policy.

I want my in-transit parcel recalled. Is it free?

EZIE is charged by the 3PL for the return but we will shoulder the cost. Hence, the return is free but the paid shipping fee will not be refunded.

What if my parcel is lost or damaged while in transit?

We will activate the courier claim or the protection program (EZIE Care), whichever applies. Please prepare an invoice showing the sale and the tracking ID. Ask the CS Team via email or live chat (quicker) if you don't have an invoice template. For damaged-upon-arrival claims, prepare photos of internal and external packaging, and the actual damage.

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