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        Easily book tens (up to hundreds) of orders in one click!

        When you have many orders to schedule, creating them all in a go is fairly efficient. It saves you from the trouble of going through the same steps over and over. On top of that, there are courier services that EZIE made available only when you meet their required minimum-order quantity (via bulk order). Why? Of course, it's in an effort to provide you with our promised quality door-to-door delivery at an affordable price! If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of bulk order processing, we created this article in the thought of all sellers who look for an efficient way to arrange more than one delivery.


Instructions for creating the bulk order:

1. From your dashboard home page, click ‘Add Order’. By default, you are taken to the single-order processing page. The slider on the top right of the page will take you to the bulk order page. Click to toggle.


2. Download the bulk order template (bottom right, ‘download template’), fill it out, then import it. Wait until all rows are finished. You will know by checking the blinking blue circle on the right side of the page title (Create Label – Bulk Orders). 

The CSV file is straightforward but some may find it confusing. Scroll to the bottom (Guide to using the CSV file) to view the complete guide to using the template.

Alternatively, you can add single rows and set the order parameters per order. If all but the recipient information is the same, you can also simply add single rows, key in the recipient details, then proceed to the next step.


3. Supply the required/empty parameters of the orders from the topmost row, then click apply to auto-populate the same information to the rest of the rows. Wait until all rows are finished. You will know by checking if there is a blinking blue circle on the right side of the page title (Create Label – Bulk Orders).


Alternatively, if you need to supply varying information per row, edit each by clicking the pencil icon.


4. Check for any flagged field – it is marked with an exclamation mark encircled in red. Hover your mouse on the flag to check the error. Then, click the pencil icon to correct the information.

5. Click ‘confirm’ to review the cost and select a date and time of collection. 

If the button to confirm is grayed out, it means there is a problem with one or more rows. Check for flags (as in step 4) or row(s) without a delivery service selected.

6. Confirm the pick-up schedule and wait for all packages to be created. Afterward, a box will pop up confirming the successful creation of the packages with instructions on what to do next, including printing the labels. Click 'print labels'. Wait for the PDF file to pop up in another tab, download, then print. Attach the labels securely to each parcel.


Guide to using the CSV file (bulk order template)

1. Download the template. Here are a few things to take note of regarding the file:

• Do not remove or alter the headers (the texts in row 1).

• Take note of formatting differences depending on which you use -- Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. This could affect the postcodes when uploading.

• The labels are generated following the order of the recipients in the CSV file. This means that if you want the labels in alphabetical order, you have to arrange your recipients in alphabetical order.

2. When filling out the file, take note of the following:

• Client reference ID is optional. It is your internal reference.

• Recipient name is required. Anything you write here will appear in the recipient field on the label.

• Recipient email is optional. If you have to key in one, ensure there is no space before and after the email address, and it follows the expected format. For example, (username@domain).

• Recipient phone is required. You may start with the area code (+65) or write the phone number alone (ex. 9876 5432). Not all drivers contact the recipients. But if you want the recipient to receive courier notifications of any sort when they send one, key in a handphone number. This will also be helpful in case there are delivery issues.

• Address is required. Make sure to provide the complete and correct address. Any missing or incorrect information can cause problems with the delivery. Some of it can result in return or disposal without a refund or reimbursement.

• Postcode is required. If incorrect, either the order won't be created along with the others or the delivery will fail.

• Package content is required. You need to correctly declare what is contained in your parcel. This is also used by the package handlers as a reference in knowing how best to manage your parcel.

• Package value is required. This will be the basis of claims and the cost of EZIE Care (1.2%). Any discrepancy in the declared value with your invoice can cause losses. This must be greater than 0 (zero).

• Pieces is optional. This is a reference used by package handlers and when filing for claims.

• Weight is required. This is declared in kilograms.

• Delivery instructions are optional. If you must write any, keep it short but clear on what you need the driver to take note of. This will appear on the label. If you see it cut off on the label, rest easy in the fact that it’s completely shown in the driver’s app.

• Shipping notes are optional. It is your internal reference, but will also appear on the label.

3. When done, save the information, then upload it. Take note of the following

• Ensure that the file is in CSV format or that the information cannot be uploaded.

• 1 batch can accommodate up to 300 orders/rows. For ease of processing, we recommend uploading 100 orders/rows per batch.

• After uploading the file, you may notice some postcodes that start with 0 (zero) lack a digit. These get flagged after the upload. This is due to formatting differences and can be amended by adding 0 (zero) in the postcode.

Watch our 2-minute video on how to create a bulk order!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We will be glad to assist you!

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